Company history

A small family enterprise was born on 8th August, 1984, in the backyard of the house where his founder and supporting pillar had been born. Emilio Kalinowski gave it birth with only his energy, his engineering degree and his wish to fulfill a dream.

The name ALKA honors Alejandro Kalinowski, Emilio´s father, who sold out his carpenter’s equipment to finance begin this dream. From that family site, a small workhouse on Ducasse street, the company moved to another venue in San Vicente neighborhood and finally, on its 18th anniversary, settled at its present location, in Pasaje Okinawa 150.

Emilio Kalinowski, exemplary person and devoted entrepreneur, set the basis of this vigorous company, which has since won its peers´ respect and its place in the industrial world After his death on the 10th March, 2008, his daughters, who were always working next to him during this long growing process, have committed themselves to continue his goals. They are reaffirming the founding lines and keeping the spirit alive, which gave life to this worthwhile enterprise.