ALKA Industries started industrial filter fabrication in 1984, in response to the increasingly demand in the industrial city of Córdoba, Argentina.

Since then ALKA Industries has been increasing its importance and expertise in the filter manufacture field in Argentina. Our industrial plant is located in Córdoba city, in the middle of a highly productive industrial and agricultural region.

This location allows us to easily supply the regional demand as well as that of the rest of Argentina and other South American countries. In 1995 a new and diversified range of air filters for motorcycles, ordinary cars and racing cars was introduced under the ALKAfilter trade mark.

In 2000 a new line of high-efficiency filters and special power-plant filters were also introduced allowing ALKA Industries to open new markets and expand the existing one. Due to the application of more efficient materials and modern technologies ALKA Industries is today a synonymous of filter quality.

ALKA Industries is also a direct and exclusive representative in Latin America of EMW Filtertechnik, a German company whose products are distributed in more than 40 countries all over the world .

As filter experts, ALKA can offer you:

  • Products to supply as various market items as hospitals, electric power plants, concrete plants, road construction and agricultural equipment, industrial fluid equipment, racing cars, motorcycles, etc
  • Tailored products
  • Special products based on client-furnished technical specifications
  • Technical advice
  • ALKA´s own test laboratory to certify performance based on DIN EN 779 standards (prefiltering and fine filtering) and DIN EN 1822 (HEPA and ULPA filters)

More than 1200 Latin American companies have deposited their trust on ALKA filters.