As experts at filtering, we offer products which supply the most varied market requirements. Beside the traditional products, we perform tailored ones, according to the client’s technical specifications and needs.

The main automobile, concrete, food, metal-mechanic industries and electric power plants in Argentina can give you references about our work.

  • Industrials

    We can offer a wide variety of filters for all kinds of industries and other applications.

  • Motorcycle

    More than 180 different filter models for national and imported motorcycles

  • Turbines

    The filtering systems for air admission in power plants fulfill the requirements to guarantee the required filtering protection, a long useful-life periods.

  • Vehicles

    Powering line POWER PLUS , specially designed for racing lovers and developed due to our latest investigations and tests on racing vehicles.

  • HEPA and ULPA

    The HEPA and ULPA filters are used under conditions which require high efficiency of sub micrometric toxic or dangerous particle material