Turbine Filters

The filtering systems for air admission in power plants fulfill the requirements to guarantee the required filtering protection, a long useful-life periods and total bypass elimination.

Our own Test Laboratory is unique in its kind in South America and allows us to certify the efficiency of the products we offer. We provide filters with individual certificates according DIN EN 779 (pre-filters and fine filters) and DIN EN 1822 (HEPA and ULPA filters) standards.

Coalescent filters to separate drops

The coalescent filters are used to take water drops off the admission air of gas turbines. They are 100% efficient to separate bigger than 3um drops.

Combined-system filters

The VK-KW 1 combined filtering system is an easy-to-install compact unit. Thanks to the upper frame design, the combined system needs only one type of frame fixing and the pre-filter change can be easily performed during the equipment’s normal operation. The prefilter housing can be reused; only the multi bag prefilter installed in the inside must be replaced.

The complete set is made of low pollution plastics, so that the prefilter as well as the fine filter can be totally incinerated. The exclusion of metallic parts keeps our products free of the risk of corrosion. The prefilter and the fine filter can be combined within a wide efficiency range, from G3 to F5 for prefiltering stages and from F6 to H11 for fine filters.

Self – cleaning cartridges

At present we offer five different dimensional formats apt for jet-pulse system, in two different types of filtering mediums, depending on the humidity of the area where they are to be installed.

In dry areas, the cellulose and synthetic fibers compound provides the necessary efficiency and economy for correct operation and protection. In humid areas the compound of synthetic fibers and borosilicate provides efficiency and reliability for a continuous use, even in the most extreme humid conditions.