Vehicle Filters


We have a powering line – POWER PLUS – specially designed for racing lovers and developed due to our latest investigations and tests on racing vehicles, carried out with the help of Oreste Bertaat his workhouse.

POWER PLUS is a universal filter that can be installed in any car just by changing the filter case. The polyurethane foam gives the filter a three-time longer life in diesel and petrol engines and up to a five-time longer life in CNG ones.


All racing equipments have the one and same goal: to win. No one hesitates in using the best products nor in saving efforts to reach such a goal.

This challenged ALKA to design and make air filters with the best available materials and the most up-to-date technology in order to match the specified requirements.
Our filters for racing cars were developed in conjunction withOreste Berta and tested in his laboratories and racing cars.

ALKA filters are made using a modern polyurethane injection system in the polyurethane calibrated pore foam which may be arranged in one or several layers of different pore dimension according to needs. The outcome is a one-piece light filter with excellent performance.

Due to the high demand and competitive market of racing cars we have devoted our greatest efforts and got our greatest achievements in this field.  
Our filters provide additional power to the engine while they protect it from damaging particles.

Racing car air filters require very low differential pressure and progressive density, thus assuring a constant air flow even with high degrees of dirt kept on their surface.
Under request, we also manufacture motor oil, hydraulic oil and combustible filters for racing cars.